Pooled Resources for Electron Microscopy Informatics Education and Research Network

The Participants in the PREMIER Project agree to work together for mutual benefit in establishing a framework to facilitate cross-institution, state-of-the-art research using electron microscopy and related techniques. Participation in the PREMIER project is open to all academic, national laboratory and industrial research ventures (not limited by location) committed to developing and implementing active research programs using microscopy. In particular, the network is intended to

  1. Improve the ability of the participants to compete both nationally and internationally in research visibility and productivity - measured by the usual metrics of number of publications in high impact journals, citations, graduate students, funding etc.
  2. Enhance the level of education, outreach and community service possible from each of the paricipants by optimizing and standardizing an approach to formal courses, user training and the dissemination of the results from the research.
  3. Cultivate a larger user base for microscopy within the participant institutions, across the U.S. and internationally by providing a well-publicized and easily accessible set of capabilities, where experiments can be performed on the best instrument for the job, rather than the only instrument that is available.
  4. Optimize investments in microscopy (and thereby reduce overall costs) by the participant institutions by leveraging regional facilities for one-off experiments while developing core capabilities serving the most users within the home institution.
  5. Increase the value of the individual microscopy facilities to the participant institutions by coordinating access to instrumentation that fits all the needs of the students, postdocs, scientists, and faculty for advanced microscopy.